New York – the quintessential modern city with its iconic landmarks, boroughs and flavours. These much- loved images are treasured in the minds of millions worldwide. Yet somehow, despite its global familiarity, there is a New York City that goes entirely unnoticed, overlooked as much by native New Yorkers as by it’s endless stream of visitors and voyeurs – it is the hidden, serene and dream-like underbelly of the most energetic and frenetic city on earth.

Jake Weisz has uncovered and exposed New York with his inspiring and sensitive photography to reveal what mostly goes unnoticed in the most familiar of cities.
— Capture Mag
The grand, theatrical image of New York City is distilled to a single sidewalk, to a single man’s breath caught in the morning air.
— The Beast Magazine
In ‘Reverie’, New York City is presented in a profoundly personal and intensely beautiful way, rather than in the superficial and clichéd way to which we are accustomed.
— Australian Photography Magazine
As we turn each page, we are transported by the tangible, tender bodies juxtaposed with the harsh, concrete city into the minds of Jake Weisz’s subjects
— BeautifulBizarre
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